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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Training Security

Diligent training is one of the hallmarks of a successful business plan. In the security industry, efforts to educate and prepare employees can help build a strong and positive reputation. Following are 4 mistakes security guard companies should avoid when designing, implementing, and managing a training plan.

1. Treating Training as a One-Time Event

Training is not something security guards should be exposed to just once and never again. Guards may forget some of the tips and lessons they learn during basic training, and Hayward security guard companies also have to account for the fact that the needs of customers, general security concerns, and overall security capabilities are likely to change with time.

2. Overlooking the Need for Hands-On Components

Hayward armed security guard trainees shouldn’t be spending all of their training time in front of computers. There are definite benefits in using software-based training, but these programs alone are not enough to prepare new hires for challenges in the real world. Effective training plans also require inexperienced new hires to spend several hours or days shadowing more seasoned guards in the field.

3. Hiring Trainers Who Have No Real-World Experience

Trainers who lack legitimate experience in the security industry have a difficult time getting trainees to learn the skills they need, which is just as true for follow-up training as it is for initial training events. Former guards typically have a better ability to anticipate and interpret challenges in the field compared to new guards who lack security experience.

4. Providing Inconsistent Training

To deliver the high-quality security guard services Hayward clients deserve, security companies need to provide consistent training. Constantly deviating from a training plan or failing to have one altogether can result in guards who have very different ideas about how their duties should be carried out. Security companies should take time to devise a strategic, comprehensive, and multipronged training plan and keep the plan in place for as long as possible. When security guards are trained well, companies and clients will always know what to expect from them.

Training guards properly is an essential part of providing high-quality security services. At ADS Guards, we extensively train all of our armed and unarmed guards to ensure they are equipped to provide the protection our clients need. Learn more about the services we offer to Hayward commercial and residential properties by contacting us at 1-800-794-1550. We hope to hear from you soon.