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4 Common Outdoor Assignments for Security Guards

Public perception of security guards tends to place them inside establishments. They’re expected to be found inside shopping malls, in the lobbies of corporate offices, at convenience stores, inside hospitals, and at various other posts where they generally operate under a roof. Just because security personnel are often seen indoors doesn’t mean they don’t operate outdoors as well. Depending on the security plan, more guards may be assigned to protect outside perimeters than interior spaces. Here are four of the most common outdoor settings where security guards are routinely posted.

1. Parking Lots

At very large shopping malls such as the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, outdoor security plays an important role in terms of overall safety. Massive parking lot sections that connect to major traffic thoroughfares are particularly sensitive to crimes of opportunity. It’s in the best interests of commercial establishments to make sure patrons feel comfortable parking their cars and safe when they transition from the inside to the outside. One of the most effective security practices in this regard is to make guards as visible as possible when they conduct routine patrols of the outside perimeter. When it comes to patrol security in Hayward and most areas around the country, the idea is to deter perpetrators and make patrons feel protected.

2. Event Security

The success of music festivals and other outdoor events is often underscored by effective security, and this is where guards often shine. Security plans for outdoor events tend to be quite complex and require tight coordination and precise execution by guards assigned to entrances, perimeters, aid stations, parking facilities, and strategic venue points. Depending on the event, guards may even direct traffic within the parking areas and before it flows out into the road.

3. Educational Institutions

While local sheriff’s departments are often tasked with guarding public schools in California and across the country, private security firms are more likely to do so at private institutions, where they can usually be seen patrolling outside sections. Many universities in California retain professional security services, and one strong focus is on guarding outdoor areas of the campus, especially where students are known to gather. Urban college campuses that integrate with local neighborhoods present special challenges, since security guards are expected to coordinate with local law enforcement agencies.

4. Personal and Executive Protection

This is a more discreet and specialized assignment for security guards because they’ll rarely wear their uniforms. In essence, guards who are assigned to personal and executive protection details act as bodyguards, and they can be expected to spend some of their time accompanying their clients in outdoor settings. Personal protection doesn’t necessarily mean one-on-one assignments. A couple of guards may be assigned to guard a group of executives or VIPs who are traveling together. In the case of assignments that require armed protection, air travel and crossing state lines will have to be coordinated so weapons aren’t transported but are still available to the guards.

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