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Staying Safe in Parking Lots this Holiday Season

While the holidays can be a joyous time of the year filled with family gatherings and fun festivities, the holiday season also brings increased shopping, and unfortunately, increased crime. During the holiday shopping season, there is often an increase of criminal activity, most often in the parking lots of shopping complexes and malls. Criminals are looking for distracted shoppers who may not be paying attention, and also know that you’ll likely be carrying cash as well as expensive gifts.

As a security guard company in the Bay Area, we wanted to offer some tips for how to stay safe. Being an educated and proactive shopper can help ensure your safety as you shop this holiday.

Tips for Arriving

It’s always best to do your shopping at a mall or center that has Bay Area security patrol, and most will during the holiday season. If you are using a parking garage, make sure to take a quick mental note of where you parked so you’re not wandering around the parking lot with a handful of bags when you leave. If possible, park near the elevators and do your best to avoid stairwells when alone. If your shopping is taking place at night, park your car where you can be seen, such as under or near a light.

Tips for Leaving

When leaving, many security professionals recommend walking with confidence and head straight for your vehicle. Always pay attention to your surroundings as you approach the car, and if something seems unusual, use your panic button. Don’t talk on your cell phone as you leave as this will distract you, giving criminals an excellent opportunity. Also, carry your purse close to your body.

While some of the above tips may seem like common sense, during the holiday season, some of your most frequented shopping malls and complexes can become targets for burglars. It’s best to be reminded of the best safety practices so that you can stay out of harm’s way as you enjoy your holiday shopping!