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Active and Passive Parking Lot Security

The large area, poor lighting and plentiful cover of parking lots provide criminals with the opportunity to target cars and pedestrians without being spotted by others. If you own, operate or manage a secure parking lot, it is of the utmost importance to take steps and eliminate as many of these opportunities as possible.

Parking lot lighting should meet or exceed the standards set by the IESNA. Well-placed walkways help gather pedestrians together, reducing the chance of them being caught on their own. Those who park in remote, poorly trafficked areas incur the highest risk. Maintaining lines of sight between as much of the lot as possible is a crucial consideration in lot design.

Studies have found that city parking lots suffer from many times the theft rates of parking decks. A major factor in the comparative security of parking decks is their limited access points. Criminals fleeing a parking deck on foot have a small selection of exits to take. Those leaving by car are often limited to a single, central exit, sometimes manned by a parking lot attendant. A perimeter fence can provide a similar effect for open parking lots.

Higher-risk areas may need to resort to more active forms of security. Parking lot attendants can provide deterrence in smaller lots. In larger lots, however, CCTV or patrolling security guards may be necessary to provide adequate surveillance. Click here to learn more about reliable security patrol for parking lots and structures in the Bay Area.

Between 2004 and 2008, 7.3 percent of violent crimes and more than 10 percent of property crimes occurred in public parking lots and garages. While most car thefts occur on streets or the car owner’s property, parking facilities are, proportionately speaking, significantly more dangerous. An unsecured parking lot poses a significant threat to any organization’s customers and employees and should be watched over with caution.

For more information about securing a public or private parking lot, contact the professional Bay Area security guards at ADS Guards. Serving the bay area for more than a decade, our guards are the professional and reliable choice for countless businesses, individuals and professionals. Call 1-800-794-1550 for more information about our guard services and see how we can help you protect what matters most.