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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Guard Company

You’ve made the decision to hire security for your business, but now you have to decide which security guard company is right for you. Choosing the right Bay Area security company can make all the difference. So, what questions do you ask when you are evaluating companies? The following five questions can help guide and inform your decision.

#1 How much experience do they have?

The security company you hire should have years of demonstrable security or law enforcement experience, or other related security guard training. If you are interested in working with a new company, make sure you get ample references. Security guards are responsible for your safety, as well as the safety of your employees and customers. You want security guards capable of handling even the most difficult and dangerous scenarios.

#2 Are they insured?

This is a very important question for everyone involved. Any security company you hire should have general liability insurance, in addition to workers compensation, and business insurance. If you are considering armed security, inquire about any liability you and your company will have should a serious incident occur on your property.

#3 How are guards monitored?

Often times, guards are on duty during nights and weekends when the company office is most likely closed. Inquire about a chain of communication and command for guards who work outside of normal business hours. A reputable security company will have a well-defined plan for monitoring its guards and ensuring clear communication at any time of day or night.

#4 Do they promote a professional image?

A security company that doesn’t care about its image probably is not the company for you. Unless you specifically request a plain-clothes guard, all security personnel should be required to wear uniforms with logos or badges identifying them as security, and all patrol vehicles should be clean, marked clearly, and easy to identify.

#5 How much does it cost?

Their prices should be competitive, reasonable, and scaled to your particular needs. You get what you pay for, so do not choose a company based only on the lowest price. A good company will provide extensive training for all guards, extra training for armed guards, and have ample insurance coverage. All of those things will factor into the price you’re paying for security.

Security is one place you don’t want to skimp, cut corners, or make poorly informed decisions. Choosing the wrong security company could put you, your business, and your patrons at risk. Make sure any company you are considering can answer these questions, and any others you may have, to your satisfaction before you hire them. If you are considering hiring security, click here to learn more about the professional security guard services offered by ADS Guards, the Bay Area’s leading private security patrol company.