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6 Benefits of Hiring Security Patrol for a College Campus

The year 2017 has brought national awareness to the important issue of security on college campuses. In the Bay Area, politically divisive rallies at UC Berkeley have underscored the need for effective security protocols to protect not just faculty and staff but also visitors and the communities served by higher education institutions. With more controversial rallies on the horizon for UC Berkeley, the Chancellor’s office has increased security patrols and other safety measures ahead of the event. Here are six reasons colleges should hire patrol security in Hayward and other parts of the Bay Area.

1. Raise the Institution’s Profile

University administrators who wish to increase the profile of their institutions should consider implementing roving patrols. Two examples in this regard are Marshall University in West Virginia and Hunter College in New York. Both are listed by among the safest institutions in the United States, and they both have security patrols.

2. Enforce Rules and Bylaws

In Oklahoma, security at East Central University is handled from an enforcement point of view. Over the last few years, this college has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against drugs and alcohol on campus, and administrators have found that security patrols are the most effective method of enforcing this important policy.

3. Deter Crime

Administrators of Oakton Community College in Illinois have discovered that security patrols can work wonders in terms of reducing crime. For would-be perpetrators, the presence of security guards on campus can be discouraging, even more so than squad cars from local police departments that only enter the campus a few times a day.

4. Integrate with the Community

Top security companies in Hayward do their best to assign personnel who live in nearby communities to college security patrols. This often includes military veterans and former police officers who are interested in continuing to serve their communities in some capacity. For even greater integration, guards may also take classes offered by the university’s extension departments.

5. Control Crowds

The UC Berkeley incidents of 2017 are examples of what can happen when gatherings on campus spiral out of control. Impromptu crowds can also be dangerous, but they are less likely to gather in the first place if participants are aware of security patrols roving nearby. In the event of political rallies or controversial lecturers visiting the campus, security patrols can be increased accordingly.

6. Provide Community Outreach 

American universities tend to operate better when administrators manage them as communities. Security patrols on campus give students, faculty, employees, and visitors an opportunity to interact with what they perceive to be the managing authority of the institution. With the right training, security officers on patrol can be ambassadors of the colleges they protect as they answer questions related to legal issues, parking, and other information related to the facility.

There are many other types of institutions that can benefit from having security patrol. If you need professional guards to protect your commercial or residential space, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of highly trained armed and unarmed security guards in Hayward. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote on security services.