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5 Reasons People Make Citizen’s Arrests

Essentially, citizen’s arrests occur when an ordinary person who is not a legal official detains someone suspected of having committed a crime until police arrive. Under specific circumstances, all fifty states allow citizen’s arrests, but it’s not always clear when and why you can perform one. Here are the top five reasons people might make citizen’s arrests.

1. Protect Others

Using the right of citizen’s arrest, some people have prevented beatings or kidnappings or have held murder suspects in custody. Confronting an aggressor who has committed a violent act is clearly dangerous. However, a professional Hayward armed security guard trained in firearms and proper use of force could detain the suspect more effectively and safely than an untrained citizen.

2. Prevent Shoplifting

Theft costs U.S. retailers 44 billion dollars a year. One type of citizen’s arrest is called the “shopkeeper’s privilege,” which is the right of a retailer to detain a customer whom they believe has committed theft. However, some retailers may be elderly, disabled, or simply afraid to confront shoplifters even if they appear unarmed. Security guards with training in inventory control and deterrence can prevent crime or legally restrain a person suspected of theft and recover lost merchandise.

3. Keep the Peace

A citizen’s arrest may be made for breach of the peace for events that need immediate intervention such as a fight or the dangerous and irresponsible use of a weapon. However, few people should directly confront a neighbor shooting off a semiautomatic. Security guards trained in situational de-escalation and firearms can neutralize a potentially deadly situation by handling an armed and irrational individual.

4. Prevent Drunk Driving

A citizen’s arrest can take a drunk driver off the road. In 2015, a man named Jared Sheppard spotted a drunk driver heading in the wrong lane on a bridge. Until police arrived and arrested the driver for DUI, Sheppard detained her at an intersection, but this was obviously risky. Security guards in bars and restaurants can physically restrain impaired and even belligerent customers, preventing them from endangering others by being behind the wheel.

5. Stop a Burglary in Progress

A citizen may arrest a suspected felon who has committed a crime such as burglary, and in California, one only needs “reasonable cause” to believe a felony has been committed before taking action. However, it’s important to be careful, as the suspect may not be a robber, but a homeowner without his or her keys. Security guards trained in Hayward security services are aware of what a real burglary looks like and can deter robberies or safely detain a suspected burglar until the arrival of law enforcement.

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