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4 Ways Security Guards Can Handle Drunk Customers Safely & Effectively

Handling an intoxicated person at a bar or event can be a difficult task for the average person to accomplish, but professional security guards are trained to manage these types of situations. Here are 4 safe and effective ways guards can handle an intoxicated patron. 

1. Maintain Professionalism

Professional security guards represent not only their security agency, but also the business they are hired to protect. However heated a situation may get when handling intoxicated individuals, guards must remain in control. The basic codes of conduct for handling an intoxicated individual are the same as they would be for handling a sober person. 

2. Act with Caution

The worst thing a security guard can do is overreact to a volatile situation. Armed and unarmed guards should never just go up to belligerent drunks and handcuff them. This action will likely escalate the situation and cause an unnecessary scene. The actions of security professionals reflect directly on the businesses and individuals who hire them, which is why it is important to handle situations involving intoxicated patrons very delicately. 

3. Find People the Intoxicated Person Knows

One of the best ways to get an intoxicated patron to calm down is to find his or her friends. The friends have likely had experience handling the person while he or she is intoxicated. Oftentimes, this is the ideal approach to preventing a potentially dangerous situation. 

4. Escort the Person to a Safe Place

Discretion is key when working as professional security in Hayward, CA. When possible, guards should escort intoxicated individuals to their rooms or a cab while another member of the security team looks out for other disturbances.

If your business or event draws a drinking crowd, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a trusted provider of commercial and event security services in Hayward, and we also provide trained guards for residential properties. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.