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How to Ensure Your Road Trip Is a Safe One

Road trips can be a fun and exciting activity for family and friends, but have you ever considered the mishaps that can occur if the proper safety measures aren’t taken? Check out these helpful tips for safe road travel, provided by ADS Guards, a leading Bay Area security guard company.

Make a Travel Plan

Before embarking on a road trip, make a plan of the tentative stops, what you wish to see, and what route you plan to take. With this travel plan in mind, research the possibilities of inclement weather or construction on your route to ensure a smooth trip free of frustration.

Check the Vehicle

Check the tire pressure, fluid levels, and belts for any wear before leaving on the trip. Routine maintenance can prevent a larger problem from occurring while you travel.

Pack Emergency Items

It takes only a few minutes to pack an emergency kit, and you’ll be glad you did should any unforeseen problems occur. Packing a cellphone charger, jumper cables, a tire gauge, a flashlight, a blanket, non-perishable food, and water will help you be prepared in case of an emergency.

Keep Valuables Safe

It’s never a great idea to advertise you are from out of town by leaving a car full of valuables and luggage. Always take valuables into the hotel room with you at night. When stopping during the day, hide valuable items away from sight to avoid someone breaking into the vehicle and taking them.

Take Frequent Breaks

The ideal road trip has more than one driver so you can switch off while traveling. If this isn’t possible and only one driver is going on the trip, make sure to take frequent breaks. Stretching, eating a snack, and walking around will help keep you more alert while driving.

Though you may not need highly trained security guards following in the car behind you during your trip, we offer commercial, residential and event security services ideal for HOAs, commercial developments, frequent work events, or even construction sites. Call ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more or request a free quote.