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Common Safety Measures That Aren’t Necessarily Foolproof

Keeping yourself, your family, and your property safe can be a challenge, especially if the safety measures you rely on are not adequate. Daily routines such as going out for a jog, driving to work, or visiting an ATM can make you vulnerable to danger. Many safety measures people commonly rely on when out or at home aren’t always foolproof, but security officers in Hayward suggest some ways you can make them safer. 

Parking in a Well-Lit Area

You may believe it is always safe to park in well-lit areas that are busy and crowded. This may prevent criminals from carrying out their plans since there are too many witnesses, which increases their chances of being caught. However, good parking lot lighting is not foolproof, and some cars parked in such areas are still stolen or their contents are taken. To prevent this, you can install anti-theft devices such as an alarm system, a tracking device, or a hidden kill switch. Also, keep valuables in your car out of sight since they attract criminals.

Installing a Security Peephole

A security peephole helps identify who is at the door before opening it. However, peepholes are not foolproof because many do not cover 180 degrees, meaning you may not see someone hiding against the walls. You can increase your home security by installing surveillance cameras or purchasing a peephole that does cover a 180-degree angle. If you are in a hotel room and the door has a security peephole without a cover, place a crumpled tissue or piece of paper in the opening so nobody can see in.

Relying on ATM Surveillance Systems

Although ATM facial recognition surveillance systems, especially new IP-based security cameras, can help ensure your transactions are safe, the systems are not foolproof because not every ATM has them yet. Also, criminals can still force you to withdraw cash from an ATM. To reduce your risk of being robbed at an ATM, walk confidently, give the impression you are fully aware of your surroundings, and avoid using the ATM at night. 

Putting Up Warning Signs at Your Home

For neighborhoods that don’t have a security guard patrolling their streets, a warning sign in the yard or on the window such as a “Beware of Dog” sign or an indicator you have a security system can act as a crime deterrent. However, this is not always effective because some homeowners put these signs up without anything to back up the warning. Also, these signs do not deter some criminals. You can improve on this safety measure by installing a home alarm system that sends signals to law enforcement or purchasing a dog.

There is no foolproof way to prevent a crime from occurring, but we hope increasing your awareness and adding additional safety measures will keep you safer. Even though our primary focus is on providing commercial security for businesses, ADS Guards wants to ensure Bay Area residents stay safe at home or when on the go. If you would like more information on our private security guard services, please call 1-800-794-1550.