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Tips for Securing a Financial Institution

Crime statistics are rising. Even in today’s high-tech age, old-fashioned bank robberies are still a cause for concern. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, upwards of $30 million was stolen in bank robberies across the nation in 2011. The number of total bank robberies in the year was about 5,000, leaving just over 100 people killed or injured.

Banks have always been the target of robbers and statistics are showing that this is staying true, even with the rise of cyber crime. ADS Guards, a Bay Area security guard company, recommends that financial institutions take steps to upgrade their security to avoid vulnerability and to protect employees, clients and valuable assets.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade security is to make sure that there are an appropriate number of security cameras within the building. For instance, all of the entrances and exits should be monitored by surveillance and there should be cameras throughout the bank and in secure areas leading to security boxes and any other vaults or locked areas. With today’s technology, banks can upgrade their security systems to include specialized electronic surveillance and monitoring and immediate emergency response from local law enforcement.

It is also important that banks hire on-site security guards to assist in the event of an emergency. Professional and trained armed guards in the Bay Area can not only act as a deterrent, but can help to ensure that problems are minimized should a robbery or other incident occur at the bank. Other advantages of trained security officers include:

  • Ability to quickly identify security risks and threats
  • Manage security operation
  • Identify dangerous criminals
  • Enforce security within the institution
  • Handle high risk situations
  • Supply escort service and more

To learn more about securing your financial institution, reach out to ADS Guards. Serving the Bay Area for more than a decade, you can trust your bank or financial institution to our highly trained and experienced armed and unarmed guards. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 and find out why we’re the Bay Area’s premier security guard and private security patrol company.