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Why You Should Hire Security for Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary

As the marijuana industry continues to settle in various American jurisdictions, security incidents are on the rise at dispensaries and other places where cannabis is transacted. In recent months, two dispensaries were robbed at gunpoint in Sonoma County, a jurisdiction not generally associated with a high crime rate. In June 2017, the Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley on Essex Street was also the subject of an armed robbery.

It is far too easy to assume dispensaries are more likely to be targeted by criminals because cannabis is often associated with vice. The reality is that this industry is on the rise. Therefore, more crimes can be expected as more dispensaries appear. Here are a few reasons dispensaries in the Bay Area need to retain Hayward guard security on their premises.

Provide a Safe Atmosphere

As with any other retail storefront business, the success of a dispensary is directly related to the customer experience. Cannabis buyers need to feel safe not just because of news about robberies but also because societal attitudes are changing. The last thing customers want to endure is a group of protesters assembled in front of a dispensary. 

Offer Protection in Dangerous Locations

The stigma still being attached to dispensaries forces some business owners to open their stores in areas where they are more likely to be exposed to crime. Municipal ordinances in some jurisdictions place too many restrictions on where dispensaries can be located. This situation will hopefully get better soon, but the ideal solution for the time being is to increase overall security with the help of trained personnel.

Prevent Loss

The risks associated with operating a dispensary tend to be greater than for many other types of businesses. The lucrative aspect of the cannabis industry can bring about a certain degree of temptation among employees, customers, and partners. For this reason, dispensaries should operate with greater security awareness to prevent losses. Even the best loss prevention strategy will not be effective without active monitoring, which is something a Hayward armed security guard can handle.

Maintain Business Continuity

Since operating a dispensary is not a typical business undertaking, many operators tend to be inexperienced in terms of managing a retail store. To this effect, some dispensary owners and managers neglect to formulate and implement business continuity plans in case of a break-in, earthquake, flood, power outage, or accident. Security guards are not only trained to protect life and property in these situations, but they are also familiar with what needs to be done in case of emergency so the business can continue to operate.

If you run a medical marijuana dispensary or another type of business and need professional protection, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of commercial security services in Hayward. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.