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How Security Guards Can Protect Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Employing security guards at warehouses and distribution centers is a key component of loss prevention and sound security design. These frequently isolated areas have unique security needs. While many companies provide their own warehouse security, those dedicated to loss prevention and driving the highest profit margins search out professional security companies to provide a comprehensive assessment and security plan.

A complete security plan includes access to control mechanisms, intrusion detection and deterrence, and prompt incident response. Onsite Hayward security guards can fill many of these functions after an assessment determines the most appropriate duties for individual warehouses or distribution centers. A high-quality security guard company works directly with its clients to create a flexible security solution, tailored to the specific needs of each warehouse and distribution center.

Warehouses and distribution centers are business and productivity linchpins. Highly trained armed or unarmed guards can provide clear deterrence against intruders and thieves simply by being present. If an intrusion does occur, onsite security can respond immediately to intercept the intruder or request law enforcement response. Day or night, security guards provide warehouses and distribution centers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing competent individuals are standing by. They do this by addressing issues as they arise, providing timely reports, and de-escalating dangerous situations during a crisis.

Professional security guards can be a fail-safe against accidents that might otherwise cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, including fires, equipment failures, floods, and other disasters. Highly trained security guards provide first line response to these incidents and fast, accurate reactions so problems can be resolved quickly and normal operations can be resumed. Warehouse employees may also benefit from having security on site because the guards can provide emergency assistance or escort services as needed.

If you have a warehouse or distribution center that needs professional security protection, contact the security experts at ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of commercial security in the Bay Area, and we also offer security for residential areas and special corporate events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550.