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Benefits of Hiring a Trained Security Expert

If you are a business owner in the Bay Area, security should remain one of your top concerns. An emergency situation can arise when you least expect it and could impact the safety of your employees. Not sure if hiring corporate security guards is the right choice for you? Here are some of the advantages to hiring trained security personnel:

  • Makes the public (or guests) feel safer. There is no overlooking the fact that trained security guards give the public a greater sense of security. Whether a person is shopping inside a store or pulling into a parking lot, the presence of a security officer will certainly help to ease their anxiety.
  • Crime deterrent. Criminals are much more likely to target an establishment that does not have uniformed protection. If something looks suspicious, the security officer will have no problem in investigating the issue. A trained security guard prevents theft and keeps a watchful eye on the surroundings at all times.
  • Customer service. Professional security guards are trained to work in the field of customer service. Often times, security guards can be found at the front gate of a facility or at the entry point of a building. They will be able to greet the visitors and direct them to the appropriate place. 
  • Emergency response. The average person is usually not prepared to handle emergencies. On the other hand, trained security guards have been briefed and trained in how to handle a number of crisis situations. With options for armed and unarmed guards in the Bay Area, you can rest assured that if a volatile situation develops, they will help to guide everyone to safety. 
  • Monitor surveillance cameras. In some instances, security guards have the responsibility of monitoring the surveillance cameras. If they detect a potential crime or notice someone who is in danger, they will take immediate action. 

These are just a few of the many benefits that a trained and reliable security guard could provide your business or office building. For more information, visit or contact us directly at 510-742-8000. We serve cities throughout the Bay Area including Hayward, Oakland and Fremont.