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Why Communication is a Hallmark of Good Security Guard Companies

When you are looking to hire a private Bay Area security guard company, you probably consider factors such as experience, training, and background checks. However, one aspect you don’t want to forget about when finding a good security guard company is strong communication, and here’s why.

Public relations

If you have a large building with a central security checkpoint, security guards will likely be the first people clients and visitors encounter. If the security firm has guards with poor communication skills who come across unwelcoming, these visitors are likely to get a bad first impression of the business.

Good reports

You likely will require regular reports from your security provider, and a company that enforces good communication skills among guards will provide a more thorough, easier-to-read report. Unclear or incomplete reports could lead to misunderstandings about an incident or about recommendations for safety plans.

Dealing with tenants

If you are hiring a security company to guard a multi-tenant facility, communication skills are extremely important. The security guard will have to deal with several different “bosses,” who all may have different wants and needs when it comes to security. In such a case, it will be important for the security company and its employees to be able to communicate clearly what its role is and what requests it can and can’t fulfill.

Emergency Planning

Security companies often are asked to help develop emergency plans for a building or property, and a firm that has good communication skills and can accurately and concisely articulate such plans can add value for a client. A business may not know what it wants or needs in an emergency plan, and having a security firm that can clearly articulate such a plan is a big benefit.


When a business is looking to hire a security firm, it’s likely to gravitate to ones that communicate their visions well on their websites and in promotional material. A firm that appears to hide behind industry jargon is not one you want to work with. Instead, you want to clearly know what services you are getting and want to be kept in the loop.

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