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How Can Security Guards Assist with Loss Prevention Efforts?

Any business potentially faces the danger of financial loss due to theft or other reasons. However, businesses can reduce their risk of loss by hiring professional security guards to assist with loss prevention efforts. Here are a few of the ways professional guards can help.

Deterring Theft

Uniformed security guards are highly visible and often the first people a customer sees when entering a business. Their formidable presence sends the message that theft is taken seriously. As one shoplifter stated in a recent article on, uniforms are a good deterrent. Potential shoplifters are more likely to dump their stolen goods before leaving the store if they see a uniformed guard waiting at the exit.

Assisting with Apprehension

Occasionally, store employees are aware a theft has occurred but are unable to reach the exit in time to apprehend the suspect. Security guards stationed at entrance and exit doors can prevent stolen merchandise from leaving the store. Guards can stop a suspect and detain him or her until the police arrive.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Even with the use of security cameras, it’s impossible for employees to watch every person at every moment. Security guards are an additional pair of discerning eyes. They can immediately alert staff to potential shoplifting activity.

Escorting Customers and Staff

Loss doesn’t just come in the form of theft. It can also occur as a result of injuries to patrons or staff. The armed security Hayward businesses hire is often utilized to escort customers and employees to their cars, particularly at night, to prevent potential physical harm. 

Responding to Emergencies

Hayward private security guards are trained to recognize and respond to potential dangers. At any given moment, a slip or fall, fire, health crisis, or violent attack might occur. Security personnel can immediately secure the scene to prevent any further damage or loss and contact the proper authorities. 

If you’re concerned about shoplifters and other potential causes of financial loss at your place of business, consider hiring security guards from ADS Guards. In addition to commercial security in Hayward, we also offer residential security services and highly trained guards for corporate events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.