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How Can a Security Guard Get Injured on the Job?

On-the-job injuries can occur regardless of the occupation. However, there is a greater risk of injury for security guards than in many other lines of work. Here are a few common examples of the potential ways a security guard can become injured while working.

Physical Assault

Professional security guards in the Bay Area are hired to protect the public or a business from wrongful or illegal activities. They often place themselves between the people and places they are protecting and those who mean harm. These confrontations can result in cuts, bruises, broken bones, or even permanent injuries. However, the proper training and an eye for detail can often help in curtailing or defusing a situation before it becomes a physical confrontation.

Violence Involving Weapons

As a direct result of their vocation, highly trained security guards place themselves in harm’s way on a regular basis. It is they who will encounter and be expected to confront people with harmful or criminal intent. There are times when these confrontations involve weapons. Regardless of the training a security guard receives, someone instantly producing a weapon does not always allow ample time to respond accordingly. Attacks with knives, clubs, or handguns can be vicious, violent, and even deadly. 

Vehicle-Related Injuries

A security guard may have duties that require the operation of a motor vehicle. While this may seem like a routine and mundane part of the job, almost 30 percent of fatal injuries for security guards are the result of vehicles. When driving around a perimeter, parking lot, or building complex, accidents can happen. Security guards may need to transport themselves quickly when responding to developing situations. Judgment errors can occur and minor or fatal injuries may result.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Accidents related to slips and trips account for the largest proportion of security guard injuries. A business or residential space may have objects or uneven sidewalks on the premises waiting to trip up the unsuspecting or inattentive, or there may be insufficient lighting or warning signs available. It is imperative that security guards are constantly aware of their surroundings.

There is recourse for on-the-job injuries. First, there is workers’ compensation, which is required to be carried by the employer. An injured security guard who sustains any on-the-job injury that prevents him or her from working can file workers’ compensation. Personal or wrongful injury lawsuits are another option. Security guards can obtain an attorney and file a personal liability lawsuit against those who have wrongly or intentionally injured them during the course of carrying out their assigned duties. This is outside the scope of the employer and is solely the responsibility of the injured employee.

At ADS Guards, the safety of our employees is equally important to the safety of the people and property they are hired to protect. We are a leading provider of commercial and residential security services in Hayward. To learn more about the services we offer and to receive a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 today.