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The Public Relations Duties of a Security Guard

A security guard’s job is multifaceted. In addition to protecting people and property, they also have to maintain a certain kind of image when dealing with the public. The staff at ADS Guards, a trusted Hayward security company, wants to share some of the public relations duties any security guard will likely have.

Communicating with People

Interacting with people on an everyday basis is a necessary part of a security guard’s job. While the amount of interaction can vary depending on where they work, security guards have to be able to talk to people. Since it can sometimes be difficult for security guards to know whom they’re really speaking with, they need to be able to talk to people respectfully to figure out what the situation.

Resolving Conflicts

The ability to deescalate a situation is vital to a security guard’s work. To accomplish this, a Bay Area security guard must be able to effectively and peacefully manage working with different people, perspectives, and situations. This requires a security guard to have good people skills.

Finding Common Ground

Some people are naturally skeptical of police officers and security guards. This is why it is imperative for people working in this field to find common ground with others. One way this can be easily done is by working in a familiar area, which gives the security guard the ability to talk to others about the area they are in. This can help the public relate better to security guards, which can increase the level of trust between the two. 

Representing Their Company

Part of a security guard’s job pertaining to public relations is maintaining the image of the company he or she works for. One of the first people a customer meets when walking into a business is the security guard. The way a guard behaves can greatly influence the customer’s attitude toward the company.

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