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Can Someone Become a Security Guard After Committing a Felony or Misdemeanor?

Having a criminal record is never easy for someone seeking employment, which includes prospective security guards. Though there is likely some grey area regarding this issue, and the severity of the crime committed might have to be considered on a case-by-case basis, there are many things that could potentially affect a former criminal’s chance of entering this line of work. Here are just a few of these obstacles.

Employment Laws

In some jurisdictions, laws do not technically bar people with prior criminal convictions from working as security for private companies. Theoretically, a prior misdemeanor or felony would not automatically prevent a person from being eligible, but applicants with criminal convictions may still experience difficulties obtaining positions. In most states, a criminal record precludes employment as a law enforcement officer, a prison guard, or an armed guard. However, in California a person cannot be denied a professional license based on a felony conviction if he or she receives a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Business Reputation

Strong economic reasons suggest security companies should avoid hiring employees with criminal records. Though hiring former criminals in California is legal after they have been through proper rehabilitation, security guard companies may still encounter difficulties obtaining customers if they employ someone who has committed a felony or misdemeanor. Additionally, this practice increases the risk of business litigation if thefts occur.

Gun Use

Some jurisdictions prohibit felons and people on parole from owning firearms. Consequently, many companies willing to hire armed guards with criminal records face obstacles. However, not all security positions involve the use of armed, or even uniformed, personnel, which may make it easier for a former criminal to obtain such a position.

Careful Screening

Many would argue companies seeking to hire armed or unarmed security guards in Hayward should screen them carefully as an ethical matter, and that they should avoid hiring individuals who have broken the law by engaging in crimes involving theft, dishonesty, and violence. Security companies owe their primary duty of loyalty to their clients, which can have a significant impact on the decision. This obligation requires the security company to screen its own employees carefully to make certain guards impose no safety risks to the clients.

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