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How Having Security Guards Can Make Your Hotel Safer

Because hotel owners want to ensure their guests are safe and comfortable, they should take certain measures to make that a reality. Hayward security guard companies believe having ample security on-site is important aspect in making your hotel safer. Here are just a few reasons why.

By Keeping Watch Overnight

During hotel afterhours, it is crucial to have security guards on post to ensure the people inside the hotel actually belong there. This is especially important when there are large events in the area. No one wants to return from an eventful night out to be harassed by someone who doesn’t belong in the hotel or even become a victim of a crime on the premises.

By Deterring Crime in Parking Lots

Security guards can also make your hotel saferbyescorting guests to their vehicles and conducting periodic security checks in the parking lot. Car break-ins and other crimes are not uncommon in unpatrolled hotel parking lots. Having a security presence can be a major deterrent to crime, whichmakes the hotel a safer place to stay.

By Patrolling the Perimeter

In addition to security checks of the hotel parking lot, periodic indoor and outdoor perimeter checks of the hotel should be conducted. This includes but is not limited to all of the floors of the hotel, the pool and workout areas, on-site restaurants, lobby bathrooms, and snack rooms. Having security patrol servicesavailable ensuresyour hotel is safe and also provides a deterrent for criminals who may be considering victimizing workers or guests.

By Keeping an Eye on Employee Misconduct

Lastly, security guards can make a hotel safer by forming relationships with hotel staff and ensuringthere are no breaches. Employees stealing items out of the lost and found area and out of guests’ rooms can happen, but periodic checks of these areas helps discourage criminal activity at the hands of hotel staff members.

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