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How Do Security Guards Address Their Fight or Flight Instinct?

In ideal settings, the duties of a security guard in Hayward will involve few direct confrontations. Many companies are able to deter unsavory behaviors by simply having security present. However, there will be instances when guards find themselves facing physical danger, which can range from verbal challenges to confrontations with people carrying weapons. During times like these, all guards should be cognizant of their built-in fight or flight response. Recognizing how their bodies are naturally hardwired to respond to danger makes it easier for these professionals to maintain rational thinking and to consciously choose the safest and most appropriate courses of action.

What Is the Fight or Flight Response?

Whenever people feel as though they are in danger, their brains release a combination of chemicals that prime them for either physical combat or making fast exits. The muscles tense to allow for optimal strength and speed. The heart rate increases and blood pressure rises, which is a natural response of the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal cortical system. During times like these, guards have more than 30 hormones rushing through their systems, including stress hormones like cortisol, noradrenaline, and adrenaline.

Making Smart Choices in the Heat of the Moment

Filled with adrenaline, it is not uncommon for people to take immediate action without thinking it through. For Hayward armed security guards, simply remembering the fight or flight response occurs is one of the best ways to prevent injury and ensure their actions are in line with their training. In rare instances, taking evasive action or taking flight may be the best bet. Though their bodies are chemically primed for attack, working to calm the other party down, contact the proper authorities, and remove the threat from the premises should remain their foremost goals. Occasions like these are exactly what security guards are trained for.

Why Training Is So Important

The more training guards receive ahead of placement, the more skillful they’ll be in managing their own fight or flight responses. How the body responds to different levels of outside stress can vary from one person to the next. Every Hayward security guard should know how to maintain a level head despite external stress and how to operate from a place of conscious, rational thinking regardless of how the body is physically responding to danger.

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