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6 Ways Security Guards Keep Crime-Ridden Neighborhoods Safe

Having security in a crime-ridden neighborhood can make a world of difference. Not only are professional guards adept in defusing a number of potentially dangerous situations, but their presence alone can be a major deterrent for thefts, vandalism, and other criminal acts. Following are 6 ways these professionals can help keep communities safe.

1. Rapid Reporting of Problems

Whether it’s domestic violence, attempted burglary, or vandalism, Hayward security guards can quickly contact the appropriate authorities to bring crimes to a halt. This reduces the chances of criminals having the time to cause sufficient harm or property loss before they’re apprehended. Although a lot of trained guards are capable of accomplishing this on their own, they also know when it’s best to reach out to local law enforcement agencies.

2. Increased Sense of Safety for Community Residents

People tend to feel safer with a Hayward armed guard around. They know criminals are less likely to act when there’s a strong chance of intervention. Security guards often drive marked cars and wear distinguished uniforms. As such, having them present in neighborhoods that are prone to crime is a great way to keep criminal activity to a minimum.

3. Less Fighting

Beyond theft and vandalism, fights also occur frequently in high-crime neighborhoods. Security guards can work to defuse tense situations before they escalate to physical confrontations. Trained guards make a point of positioning themselves in areas that are most likely to experience physical confrontations. For example, in front of establishments that sell alcohol or in other places that attract large numbers of loiterers.

4. A Better Reputation for the Neighborhood

Communities that regularly have a security presence tend to have better reputations overall. As such, fewer undesirables tend to enter these neighborhoods, and property owners have a greater ability to attract financially qualified and high-quality tenants. In fact, neighborhoods and the homes and apartment buildings they contain can become far more marketable overall when communities invest in security.

5. Increased Ability to Apprehend Criminals

Unlike everyday citizens, trained security guards have a better ability to report key details of crimes to law enforcement agencies. Their diligence in collecting license plate numbers, accurate descriptions of assailants, and details pertaining to actual criminal events not only makes it easier for police to catch vandals, thieves, loiterers, and other ill-intentioned parties, but they also make it easier for prosecutors to successfully pursue charges as well.

6. Ongoing Monitoring

One of the major benefits of having a security presence in a crime-ridden community is access to constant monitoring of residential and commercial areas that are designated as being targets for crimes. These professionals organize their routes according to areas of greatest priority. As a result, when problems do arise, there’s always a high likelihood of having a trained professional on hand to mitigate them. This is far more effective for limiting the severity of crimes than having to contact off-site law enforcement agencies and waiting for help to arrive.

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