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Security Tips for Your Commercial Property in the New Year

Maintaining proper security is a top priority for business owners. As the New Year approaches, there are several security measures commercial business owners should consider if they haven’t already to ensure their property is protected heading into 2015. Here are a few tips for commercial security from ADS Guards, a leading provider of Bay Area security guard services.

Advanced Security Fencing

First things first, select the proper type of security fence to keep unwanted guests off of your property. To avoid any mistakes, contact a security expert and seek out helpful advice. The expert can help you select the best option for your specific business. Welded mesh fencing, steel railing fencing, barb wire fencing, chain link fencing, and perimeter intruder detection systems are some of the basic options you’ll want to consider.

Hire a Diligent Security Team

Depending on the type of business you own, consider highly-trained on-site security guards. On-site security guards offer numerous benefits. For instance, employees will work more efficiently because they aren’t busy worrying about their personal safety.¬†Employees will also feel more comfortable leaving work later if there is a security guard who can escort them to their car. In addition, increased security will help your customers feel more secure, especially during an expensive transaction or after purchasing high-end products.

Padlocks and Locks

In high risk areas, secure the entrances with double-cylinder deadbolt locks that have removable collars. Ensure that each lock has a throw and a steel insert. For additional protection, purchase a lock that has a latch guard. If you plan to install the locks without hiring a professional, you must hide the serial numbers on each lock. If the serial numbers are exposed, someone could make keys to the locks. Also, every door at your business facility should have a metal lining and a meal crossbar, and any exposed hinges must be pinned so that they cannot be removed.

Start 2015 off knowing your business is protected and secured to the best of your abilities. Call the security guard experts of ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more about the security services available near you. We’ve been providing unparalleled security guard services in the Bay Area for more than two decades and provide commercial security, residential security, security for special events, and armed and unarmed security guard services.