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Top 5 Self-Defense Tips for Street Safety

You don’t have to be a martial arts expert, a professional fighter, or a security guard in the Bay Area to stay safe when on the street. Anyone can practice these simple self-defense maneuvers, giving themselves at least a fighting chance.

1. Keep Your Head Up

Walking with your head down while preoccupied is the number one way to be caught off guard and assaulted. Walk confidently and with a purpose while looking at your surroundings and keep a phone handy. This can already make you less of a target in the first place.

2. Run

It is simple self-defense tactic, yet so many victims of violence forget to do this when they are attacked. If you can run without being captured for more than a block, odds are good your pursuer may give up and retreat. Given any choice between fighting and running, you should always try to run first.

3. Make As Much Noise As Possible

Scream, throw things, or turn the altercation into a scuffle. Carrying a rape whistle or other emergency noisemaker can also work wonders, and there are even apps available for phones to serve this purpose. Combine noise with fleeing to make yourself an even more unwelcome target.

4. Remember Some Simple Defense Moves

You may be cornered and not have the choice to avoid physical contact. Swing a kick at an attacker’s knee, as this area is hard to block. Punch as hard as you can at the solar plexus, right above the stomach. Smash a heavy object or your palm upward into the attacker’s nose, at the side of the neck just below the ear, or the side of the head on the temple. As before, follow these moves with running away. The point is to get a head start, not to stay there and attempt to fight.

5. Carry Lightweight Weapons

This includes pepper spray, mace, and other lightweight defense weapons. If you think you’re going to be in an area where this might be necessary, you should have the weapon in your hand already. No need to brandish a weapon and ask for trouble. Instead, just keep it tucked down in your pocket and act like you’re minding your own business.

Remember, putting up even a minimal struggle may discourage your attacker from pursuing you or at least buy you time until help can arrive. The trained security guards at ADS Guards recommend using one or more of the above tactics to help keep yourself safe. To learn more about residential, commercial, and private security services, contact ADS at 1-800-794-1550.