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Should Schools Have Armed Guards?

School shootings are making the news more frequently each year, but what steps can we take to protect children and staff from these horrible crimes? Plenty of opinions have been offered, among them a satirical piece suggesting children carry guns and a more realistic proposal to arm teachers. However, critics have suggested many teachers do not have the necessary training to react properly in an active shooter emergency.

This is where security guard services and the option of armed guards comes in. While requiring teachers to be armed creates more work and training for the nation’s already overworked teachers, hiring trained armed guards means schools would have at least one person whose sole job was protection.

In one study, multiple convicted shooters noted they deliberately chose gun-free zones for their attacks. For some shooters, just knowing armed guards patrol a school might be enough to deter them from choosing it as an attack site. Of course, for this to work, some local laws might need to be amended.

In case an active shooter does strike, armed guards are likely able to stop him or her and limit injuries and loss of life. Hayward armed securityguards are not just civilian carriers. They are also highly trained to respond swiftly to any threat. Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president, argues for the presence of armed guards in schools, saying, “It’s the one thing that would keep people safe.”

In a time where school budgets are increasingly tight, some argue having armed guards is too much of an expense. However, if school administrators are serious about deterring crime and stopping an active shooter if one does happen to come to their campus, it’s an expense to seriously consider.

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