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6 Signs Your Business Needs Professional Security Guards

When the need to hire security guards arises, you do not have to automatically assume operating your business has become riskier. Oftentimes, the need for physical security is a sign a company is expanding at a respectable rate. Here are five situations that will let you know the time has come to upgrade your security and hire professional guards.

1. Graffiti

The Bay Area is home to many graffiti artists for whom the walls of commercial buildings are irresistible canvas surfaces. If you are lucky, they will spray an artistic mural. However, you may also get amateurs, taggers, and miscreants who paint ugly obscenities. Graffiti writers do not generally approach structures where a night security guard in Hayward is posted.

2. Parking Lot Dangers

Here is a situation you may recall from the real estate bonanza that lasted until 2007 or so: the parking lots of banks, mortgage lenders, and real estate brokerages were getting filled with new sports and luxury vehicles as employees spent their generous bonuses during a time of great prosperity across California. Car thieves tend to notice these situations, and they often take advantage of unguarded parking lots.

3. Vandalism

Unlike graffiti artists, vandals are socially maladjusted and bent on destruction, but they will not risk being caught by security personnel. In some cases, acts of vandalism may denote political or even personal motives, which is a far more dangerous situation that may result in violence against staff members or customers.

4. Business Expansion

If you are used to operating a café in a quiet section of Hayward but feel you could get a lot more store traffic in a more popular area, you may want to consider hiring security personnel before moving into your new location. Your new customers may appreciate your business decision of posting guards if they feel safer when they visit your establishment.

5. Shoplifting

Retail establishments always expect some level of loss. If you notice your losses are piling up despite the use of security cameras, your next step should be to post uniformed security guards. Your store may be targeted by a sophisticated shoplifting ring that has learned to circumvent your monitoring system. These professionals know when it is time to move on, which is usually after they see security guards.

6. Robbery

An unfortunate fact of doing business these days is that one robbery tends to be followed by another one, and the same crew is usually not involved. Through word of mouth and underground contacts, criminals know when a successful robbery went down, and they may take their chances if they believe it could be an easy score. This situation certainly calls for security, particularly in the form of Hayward armed security guards who can protect your inventory, employees, and customers.

If you need professional guards to protect your business, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of guard patrol security. Hayward business owners can rely on our highly trained guards any time of day or night. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.