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Is Unauthorized Access a Risk for Your Business?

Preventing the loss of sensitive business data and protecting the measures put in place to keep it safe starts with controlling and limiting access to the business premises. It also requires an appreciation of the risks that expose the business to unauthorized access and learning how to handle each one. Here are a few indicators you might have an increased risk of unauthorized access to your business.

Lack of a Perimeter Fence for a Stand-Alone Business

The first and most important security requirement for businesses operating remote facilities includes setting up a perimeter fence. A fence ensures you have control of the entry points that employees and visitors use to access your enterprise. Most importantly, a perimeter fence goes a long way toward deterring would-be intruders. 

It might also be a good idea to hire a company that provides guard patrol security. Hayward businesses, especially those in high-crime areas, would benefit from an extra layer of security around their perimeters.

Inferior Access Points

Are the business access points manned by professional security guards? Have you put in place proper check-in systems to sort between employees and visitors, or do they just show themselves around? The quality of the locks and doors also play a great role in determining the risk of unauthorized access. The more inferior the doors, windows, and locks, the higher the risk.

No Employee Identification Process

Even with manned entrance points, it’s difficult for security officers to recognize the faces of all the employees at a business, particularly in the case of large organizations. Therefore, it’s paramount to issue proper identification documents to your employees. This identification process should also extend to visitors, who should be given limited-access cards or badges.

Lack of Cameras or Manned Security

The availability of security cameras and security personnel within a business enterprise also goes a long way toward limiting unauthorized access. Businesses with an effective network of security cameras located at strategic locations as well as security personnel manning different entry and exit points report fewer cases of unauthorized access. Cameras play the biggest role in deterring intrusion.

Lost Keys and Poor-Quality Access Cards

What is the procedure for reporting lost keys or access cards within your institution, and how often do you change access codes for these cards? Businesses using traditional and inferior locking mechanisms such as locks and keys have a higher risk of unauthorized access, as keys can be easily lost or duplicated. Shifting to access cards that use redundant technologies doesn’t help either, as they can also be easily duplicated.

What Can You Do to Prevent Unauthorized Access?

After identifying the loopholes in your business that encourage unauthorized access, you now have to address them all. Start by hiring guards from one of the area’s most reliable private security contractors. Hayward businesses should then upgrade to high-quality access-control systems such as doors and digitized employee check-in. Most importantly, consider installing security cameras around the premises to deter intruders and provide a reference point that helps you identify unauthorized visitors in the case of a break-in.

Keeping your business and your employees safe is your number one priority, so it’s important to manage who has access to your premises. ADS Guards can perform a professional evaluation of your location to determine if and how you need to change your access procedures and equipment. We can also create a customized plan for security services that will meet your business’s unique requirements. To talk to one of our professional security experts and set up a consultation, call us today at 1-800-794-1550.