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7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Business

If you own a business, protecting that business is one of your primary responsibilities. However, many new and even some experienced business owners overlook some of the most important components of protection. It’s not just about protecting the façade of your business, but everything it houses from your merchandise and employees to your proprietary data and client information. Business owners should consider these seven easy ways to secure their business:

  1. Insurance – Always carry insurance to protect your business. More importantly, make sure you know exactly what you insurance is protecting and the process for filing a claim.
  2. Cameras – While we often think of theft from outside individuals, theft unfortunately can come to a business from within as well. Make sure you have security cameras recording areas where valuables are stored to catch any individual attempting to steal.
  3. Security Labels – Mark your business with warning labels. These may warn potential thieves that the place is protected. It also might warn people that employees only have a certain amount of access to valuables which can help to deter crime.
  4. Variable Activity – Don’t make your trips to the bank with your deposit predictable. Vary the time and location of your bank drops to discourage someone unwanted to be waiting for you.
  5. Limit Resources – Limit the amount of information each employee knows about the financial practices of your business. This can prevent someone from taking advantage of your system.
  6. Cyber Protection – You must work diligently to protect your company’s software from being breached. Additionally, you owe your customers the responsibility of keeping their personal information protected as well. You may be held liable for their losses.
  7. Professional Security – Finally, you should strongly consider the use of professional Bay Area security guard services. These individuals are trained to protect your business. They come with advanced training and knowledge on how to protect your assets so you can trust your business to their hands and focus on your core responsibilities.

Don’t let the success of your business crumble by being unprepared and utilize the above seven tips to secure your business. To learn more about security guard services in San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont and other cities throughout the Bay Area, reach out to ADS Guards. We offer unarmed and armed guards for hire, all of which are trained in how to expertly patrol and manage the security at a variety of corporate, private and commercial destinations. Call 1-800-794-1550 – we look forward to hearing from you!