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Social Media Security Tips for Businesses

Some companies have harnessed the power of social media to increase business, however, not every employer is keen on social media use in the workplace. Regardless which side you’re on, it’s worthwhile to have a discussion with your team about social media activity. Although our focus is on providing security guards in the Bay Area, we’ve put together a few social media tips that will help keep your employees and business safe.

1. Limit Access

Experts agree that banning social media altogether is often more dangerous than it is beneficial. However, some sites are safer and more appropriate than others. Distribute a list of appropriate and inappropriate sites and block the later.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Employees may not fully understand what is private and what is public knowledge. If your company has a lot of proprietary and/or sensitive information, you might consider having each employee sign an NDA agreement explaining that employees are not allowed to disclose their employer nor protected company information on their social media pages.

3. Privacy Settings and Employment Posts

Teach your employees how to manage their privacy settings. More individuals than you might think do not understand them. Also, recommend they refrain from making any public posts pertaining to their employment for their personal safety as well as the safety of the company.

4. Social Media Company Policy

Establish a company-wide social media policy. You might include details pertaining to permissible employment-related posts and the dangers of posting employment information publicly. This is especially important for companies that use social media to their benefit and frequently request employees post business-related items. Be clear and concise, and adapt and update these policies as technology changes.

5. Continued Maintenance

Once policies and education has been implemented, you must continue to educate and monitor activity. You should also ensure you have the best network protection possibly to prevent attacks through social media sites.

Teaching your team how to protect themselves and company information is just good business, whether or not you invite the public in through social media. Even companies that use sites daily to boost traffic, sales, awareness, etc., should establish good practices to avoid potential problems.

If you’re less concerned about social media security and more concerned about physical security, reach out to ADS Guards in the Bay Area. We’ve been providing trained Bay Area security guards for more than 15 years to a wide variety of businesses and establishments. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.