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How to Tell If a Security Guard Company Is Bad

Poor business security can be a quick ticket to company failure. For this reason, taking appropriate measures and retaining the right security solutions is vital for developing a truly sustainable business for customers, employees, investors, and company principals. An example of just how important physical security has become in the 21st century was reported by Associated Press correspondents in Southern California, where a high school security guard took notice of a heated discussion involving a disgruntled student who threatened classmates with a mass shooting. The guard reported the incident, which prompted deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to investigate and find an arsenal of firearms and ammunition in the home of the suspect.

When evaluating commercial security in Hayward, you should choose a company committed to excellence, and you should also look out for the following warning signs of a bad security firm.

Deficient and Antiquated Equipment

If you notice the patrol vehicles and the items the security guards carry are old and poorly maintained, this could be a sign the company is more interested in cutting costs than providing security.

Lack of Interest in Displaying a Professional Appearance

There is a good reason security companies prefer to hire military veterans and former law enforcement officers: these individuals know about the value of grooming and uniform standards, which have an effect on customers, staff members, and would-be perpetrators. Wrinkled, dirty, and ill-fitting uniforms or clothing suggest the security firm does not adhere to certain standards. Sloppy-looking security guards send a dangerous message to sophisticated criminals who know lack of professionalism is something they can easily exploit to their devious advantage.

Lax on Background Checks

Reputable security agencies in Hayward conduct frequent background checks on their guards, and they may not object if you propose to obtain a fresh report on the security personnel that will be assigned to your company.

Consumer and Regulatory Complaints

In California, the Department of Consumer Affairs has a division dedicated to the oversight of security guard companies. The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services keeps a record of licenses, complaints, and incidents related to security providers. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for complaints filed by consumers against the security firms you are evaluating, keeping in mind that a few complaints are always expected. However, lack of response and inaction should be considered major red flags.

No Referrals

If the security firm you are evaluating has been retained by companies in your sector, this is a good sign. You generally want to avoid companies that do not have a good track record in the community. A lack of referrals is also a warning sign that existing or prior clients have nothing good to say about their experience with the firm.

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