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How to Stay Safe in a Foreign Country

Traveling overseas may be a dream come true, but if you are robbed or assaulted, it can wind up being a nightmare. A myriad of dangerous situations can arise when traveling, but using your head can help you avoid them. Private Bay Area security guards have some tips on how to stay safe in a foreign country.

Don’t Carry Your Passport

Protecting property is important. Leave your passport locked in a hotel safe unless you need it for some reason. If someone steals your passport, you may have a hard time verifying who you are and getting home. You also should make a copy of your passport and keep it in a separate place.

Avoid Dangerous Places

Just as you would avoid dangerous neighborhoods in your own hometown or any U.S. cities you visit, you should do the same when in another country. If you want to see a historic site that’s in a bad area, go as part of a tour group. Never go into unfamiliar areas by yourself.

Only Use Licensed Transportation

Though you might be willing to use Uber or Lyft in the U.S., when you are abroad you should stick with licensed transportation such as buses or subways to stay safe. If you need a cab, have your hotel or restaurant arrange one for you. If you are taking a shuttle from the airport to your hotel, make sure to confirm it with your hotel in advance.

Learn How to Speak the Language

It’s unrealistic for everyone to become fluent in a country’s language before visiting, but you should try to learn a few simple phrases that can help you in a bad situation, such as “Where is a hospital?” or “Please call the police.” The more you can communicate, the less you seem like a tourist to target.

The best way to stay safe in a foreign country is to prepare for all possible scenarios. Though our primary focus is on providing highly trained security guards for HOAs, recurring events, business complexes, and construction sites in the Bay Area, we still consider the safety of people in our community a top priority no matter where they happen to be visiting. For more information and general safety tips, contact ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550 today.