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How Surveillance Can Violate Personal Privacy

Privacy and security are often seen as competing ideas because many people simply do not enjoy being monitored. While few would argue surveillance should be done away with to make room for greater privacy, it is interesting to note how the two interact. Below are some ways surveillance and a greater sense of security can potentially infringe upon individual privacy. 

Violation of Private Data Security

Surveillance can violate the security of one’s personal information quite easily. Be it a patrolling security guard or a static camera, it is easy for data to become compromised when viewed by the eyes of another. Those who are careless with their information run the risk of exposing it to the world in situations where surveillance is present.

Violation of Private Communication

The most common privacy right infringed upon by surveillance tends to be personal communication. Any contact between two people is likely to be observed by trained security guards or a surveillance system, with some systems being more than capable of recording the audio from one side of a phone call. Any conversations that require the utmost privacy should only be undertaken when you are either not being monitored or when you can trust the security team acts with the utmost discretion. 

Violation of Private Actions

Some would say the mere act of observation undermines personal privacy. After all, surveillance makes the likelihood of recording someone’s daily activity more likely. Surveillance can monitor your actions and put them on display, whether the actions are personal or not. Anything from the frequency of your breaks at work to how you keep yourself entertained during these breaks could be monitored.

Violation of Private Location

There are few people who are comfortable with the idea of others knowing their whereabouts at all times, but security monitoring does just that. Your privacy may seem irrevocably in jeopardy when others are given the right to monitor your every movement and easily locate you.

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