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4 Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Today businesses located in places that are frequently subject to seismic activity seek ways to protect their employees and customers during earthquakes. Although no one can absolutely guarantee that natural disasters will not inflict damage in this situation, these tips from a leading Bay Area security company can help your business take precautions that may prove helpful in the event of a strong quake.

1. Share Safety Tips

Sharing earthquake safety tips is one of the most proactive steps your business can take to defend its employees. Consider holding an employee meeting where you teach employees general safety tips that can help during an earthquake, including bracing yourself in doorways. This way you can ensure that all of your employees will be prepared in the case of a sudden quake.

2. Pick a Meeting Location

At your earthquake safety meeting also remember to pick and agree upon a location for employees to meet in the event of an earthquake. Holding occasional drills where employees would evacuate the premises and meet at the designated location may ensure that everyone remembers where to go, even if panicked because of a sudden earthquake.

3. Check on Local Hazards

Determine if your business operates near any sites that might create a hazard following a quake. Nuclear power plants and chemical factories can create secondary dangerous in the face of earthquakes, but learning about the potential risks of these hazards and sharing information about how to respond to those dangers can help employees avoid some of their effects.

4. Maintain a First Aid Station

Maintain drinking water, first aid supplies, and other basic provisions in a secure location onsite. Having these supplies nearby can help if an earthquake traps you or other employees inside your facility. Basic first aid supplies are particularly important to have on hand to ensure that minimal injuries caused by the quake can be addressed immediately.

If you are concerned for the safety of your employees and customers, earthquake safety is an important preventative measure. Take your employees’ safety even further by hiring highly trained security guards in Bay Area.  Reach out to ADS Guards