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5 Tips for Effective Motorbike Security

When you’re a motorcycle owner, finding ways to keep your vehicle safe from theft can be challenging. If you’re looking for strategies that can help keep your motorbike secure, read on for five security tips from a leading provider of private security guards in the Bay Area.

1. Arm Your Bike

Alarms and various forms of immobilizers are wonderful security measures for any motorcycle. Immobilizers are forms of hardware that lock the gear or tire of a bike so that it cannot easily be lifted and stolen. Research shows that even the mere presence of these devices can deter the majority of thieves. Additionally, when cleared with your insurance provider, these devices can lead to substantial savings when it comes to your insurance premiums.

2. Make it Easy to Identify

The majority of stolen motorcycles cannot be reclaimed or tracked because they cannot readily be identified. Mark your bike with your vehicle identification number (VIN), registration, and postal code so that police can have a better chance of tracking and returning your stolen property. Without the proper registration and identifying markings as few as one in five stolen bikes are ever returned.

3. Lock it Down

Disc locks are also effective casual-theft deterrents. These devices restrict the movement of the disc attached to the wheel via a locking mechanism so that a bike cannot be moved from a parked position. While these devices do little to stop professional thieves who may simply load bikes into trucks, this visible deterrent is a smart precaution against petty criminals.

4. Park Smart

Take advantage of garages both at the home and in the city. The vast majority of theft happens overnight when riders are simply too lazy to put their bike in the garage once they arrive home. Appropriate parking in the city includes garages where there are designated spots for motorcycles. These types of parking spots typically include secure structures for locking or immobilizing the bike.

5. Stay Vigilant

Theft is often the result of bikers making themselves an easy target. Put up an extra layer of protection in addition to outside locks that is not visually apparent. A very simple way of doing this is to remove vital components from the bike when parking. Take HP caps or spark plugs with you for a free and easy way to keep your bike secure.

If you’re more interested in finding ways to keep your business secure rather than your motorcycle, give ADS Guards a call at 1-800-794-1550. We are dedicated to keeping local businesses safe and secure from crime, which is why we provide a range of private security services, including corporate security, event security, and security patrol in the Bay Area. To learn more about our private security services, give us a call and ask for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!