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What Are the Essentials for Training Armed Security Guards?

Today’s security personnel are highly trained and motivated individuals. For those seeking careers as armed security guards in Hayward, the most important quality is the desire and proper motivation for doing so. It is only these individuals who can be properly trained to meet the needs of the industry. An armed security officer has to contend with a variety of situations, ranging from routine security to complex and possibly dangerous situations. Because of this, there are some important training steps each guard needs to go through.

Training in Weapons

An armed security officer must have the training and ability to resolve whatever the situation demands. One crucial aspect of training armed security guards is weapons familiarization. Just as a law enforcement agency would never send an officer out without the proper training, the same goes for professional security agencies in the Bay Area. Laws and liabilities dictate that only a properly trained individual should be charged with the duty and responsibility of carrying a firearm when enforcing security. An armed security guard should be intimately familiar with the weapon he or she carries and must continually show his or her proficiency on a firing range. It does no good to carry a weapon if the guard cannot handle it correctly or hit what he or she aims for.

Classroom Instruction and Certification

Classroom instruction and certification provides a potential armed security guard with knowledge pertaining to his or her job, as well as valuable insights into carrying out the job successfully. This may be accomplished through basic instruction, role-playing, interning, and various other methods. Certification, the culmination of training, means the guard is fully prepared to carry out the duties he or she is assigned.

Continuing Education

As with any professional career, there is the need for continuing education to keep an armed security guard abreast of the newest and latest developments. This ensures guards stay up to date on training, equipment, and technology in the security field. The requirement to continually train means the security guard will always be the consummate professional.

ADS Guards has been a leading provider of trained security guards for nearly two decades. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our armed and unarmed guards are expertly trained professionals. If you are interested in hiring security for your event or for your commercial or residential property, give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550. We hope to hear from you soon.