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Should My Security Guards Use Cell Phones or 2-Way Radios?

Hiring security guards in the Bay Area is a great way to provide some extra security at your business, and communication between security guards is essential to provide the best security possible. Cell phones and two-way radios are the most common forms of communication for security guards, but they both have their positives and negatives.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones have the advantage of secure information and low upfront costs. It is virtually impossible for a common criminal to gain access to the calls and texts between guards when using cell phones. Your security guards can also start using cell phones without having to put up too much money.

The lack of instant contact is the biggest disadvantage of using cell phones. A guard would have to individually call or text the other guards to relay any new information. This can take quite some time, which could potentially delay the response to an ongoing situation.

Two-way Radios

Delivering information in a timely manner is crucial for security guards. Two-way radios allow one security guard to provide information to other guards on duty at the same time. This is not possible if guards are using cell phones.

Security and reliability of the information are the two biggest flaws with two-way radios. Anyone can easily listen to the communication between the guards with a radio scanner. Two-way radios also only work in a small area, and guards being unable to contact one another is the last thing you want to happen.

Ultimately, the form of communication you choose will depend on your preferences, type of business, and size of business. For help finding the solution right for you, call ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We are the Bay Area’s leading provider of highly trained security guards and look forward to serving you and your business.