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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hiring Private Security

If you own a business, its security is probably one of your top concerns. However, if you are like most business owners, you may not see why hiring private security will benefit your business. To better understand how private security guards can help protect your company, it’s important to learn the basics of security services. Presented by a top provider of security guards in the Bay Area, here are some of the basics of private security that you probably didn’t know.

1. Not everyone can be a security guard.

While there is a common misconception that anyone can be a security guard, in truth, security guards typically undergo intense scrutiny before getting the job. The recruitment process for most security companies involves thorough background and reference checks to ensure that the individuals hired are trustworthy and reliable. For that reason, if you hire private security from a trusted San Jose company, you can rest assured that your services will include highly trained security guards in San Jose.

2. Guards protect your business from more than criminals.

Apart from protecting your business from burglars and robbers, private security ensures that your business will be protected in the event of fire hazards or natural disasters. Most experienced security guards are certified in CPR, first aid, and general emergency response, so both your business and your employees will have access to professional help in the case of emergencies until first responders arrive.

3. Private security can boost business.

Research shows that if your employees feel safe they will put greater effort into their work, so many companies experience a boost in productivity when they hire security guards. Many female employees are also more likely to work late if there is a security guard to walk them to their cars. As an added benefit, as a business owner, you can focus better on your work when you have peace of mind knowing that your business is secure.

4. Security guards can provide customer service.

Security guards can act as sentries or front desk executives. As professional security guards act as ambassadors for customer service, hiring private security means that one person will fulfill two employee roles. Plus, security guards are trained to become familiar with their surroundings, so they can also help guide visitors around your facilities.

If you’re considering hiring armed or unarmed Bay Area security, reach out to ADS Guards. We offer high-caliber security services to help keep local businesses safe. Whether your business is big or small, our services can be adjusted for your security needs. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more, or to ask for a free quote.