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Safety Tips for Walking on Dark Streets

The experts at the Bay Area security company ADS Guards don’t recommend walking in a dimly lit neighborhood, but in some situations it’s impossible to avoid dark streets. The following are some helpful tips to stay safe while walking around at night.

Make Loud Noises

Carry a whistle on a breakaway lanyard around your neck, and don’t be afraid to use it if you feel threatened. When choosing a whistle, pick one that registers a sound of 90 decibels or higher. At this pitch, the sound is loud enough to be heard over other noises. A breakaway lanyard is also recommended to reduce the risk of the lanyard being used as a weapon against you.

Walk Near Homes

Avoid walking near bushes, wooded areas or other places where potential attackers can easily hide. Instead, walk on the side of the street where homes are located. If you notice someone following you, go to the first occupied residence and ring the doorbell. The threat of potential witnesses is usually enough to deter most would-be attackers.

Carry a Flashlight

An LED flashlight allows you to see more in a dimly lit neighborhood, but can also alert others to your presence. Invest in a tactical flashlight with blinding beams so you can use the flashlight to instantly assess the situation and temporarily blind an attacker. Use the delay to blow your safety whistle and run away.

For more safety tips or to inquire about residential, commercial, or private security, contact ADS at 1-800-794-1550. Our trained security guards in the Bay Area consider your safety a priority, so call us today for your free quote.