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5 Weapons Armed Security Officers Often Use

While some security guards carry firearms, others carry non-lethal weapons. Here are a few examples of weapons armed security guards carry.

1. Handguns

If a security guard carries a firearm, it’s usually a handgun. While many brands of handguns can be carried, armed security guards often carry a 40 caliber Glock. Since handguns are lethal weapons, many guards carry other weapons instead. It’s necessary for an armed security guard to have a license for a handgun. Security guards usually carry handguns if they are in situations where they face an especially high risk of dealing with armed attackers.

2. Rifles

While it is relatively uncommon for a Hayward armed guard to carry a rifle, some security guards do if they face the possibility of encountering an armed attacker. The rifles security guards carry are generally semi-automatic. Armed security guards need a license to carry a rifle.

3. Tasers

Tasers are effective against an assailant who is located relatively close. They deliver an electric shock to attackers that disables them. Guards have control over how long they deliver electricity to the assailant. If the security guard delivers enough electricity to the attacker, he or she may be disabled for up to 30 minutes. In almost all cases, Tasers cause no permanent injury because the amperage is quite low. While Tasers are usually effective, there have been cases when they have failed to stop an attacker.

4. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray (also called mace) is a non-lethal weapon. Most attackers who are sprayed with pepper spray experience no permanent damage, but serious allergic reactions have been known to occur. Pepper spray temporarily blinds the attacker and causes a severe burning sensation. However, the security guard must be very close to the attacker for pepper spray to work. Armed security guards do not need a license to carry pepper spray.

5. Nightsticks

A night security guard in Hayward can disable attackers by striking them with a nightstick. In some cases, an attacker might surrender after realizing the guard is carrying a nightstick. However, there are important disadvantages to consider. While nightsticks are intended to be non-lethal, they can be lethal when used improperly. Also, they don’t offer sufficient protection against attackers armed with guns or knives. In some cases, an unarmed attacker may prevent an armed security guard from using the nightstick by grabbing his or her arm.

There are many potential uses for both armed and unarmed security guards. For instance, if you need construction site security in Hayward, ADS Guards can provide the professionally trained guards you need. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.