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4 Types of Events That Can Benefit from Having Security

The unexpected can occur no matter what the event, and there are many different public and private functions that can benefit from having security guards available, even a few you may not have thought of previously. Here are a few events that may make you want to consider hiring event security services in Hayward.

1. Weddings

One the one day of your life you want to go perfectly, give yourself the peace of mind knowing you have a professional on hand to deal with unforeseen circumstances. From the uncle who helped himself to too many trips to the open bar to the random passerby who decides to crash the wedding, professional security guards can discretely handle a variety of situations, ensuring the bride and groom enjoy their day without distractions.

2. Business Meetings

Tensions can run high when jobs are on the line. If you are hosting a business meeting or making an announcement that has the potential to negatively affect the ability for some people to earn a living, it might be beneficial to have security on hand to keep tempers at bay, protect your investments, and keep your employees safe.

3. Events with Cash Transactions

If you are hosting an event where there will be multiple cash transactions, it would be prudent to consider hiring professional security. Examples of this might be a festival or concert where food, drinks, and souvenirs are sold. Protect employees, volunteers, and patrons by providing an obvious deterrent to potential criminals.

4. Grand Openings

Whether you are opening a restaurant, bar, or clothing store, there is potential for disaster when large crowds gather and expectations are mounting. People in crowds don’t always behave rationally, and potential danger might be difficult for someone other than a trained security professional to notice. A small investment in security is an insurance policy that can protect your business from the public relations disaster this type of event can bring.

When planning your next big event, make sure you contact ADS Guards to ensure optimum safety for all parties involved. We are a leading provider of event, residential, commercial, and corporate security services in the Bay Area. Call today at 1-800-794-1550 for more information and a free quote.