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Near Miss Reporting & Why Security Guards Should Use it

Most security breaches are harmless incidents that happen virtually every day without being officially addressed, and are often referred to as “near misses.” Typically, this means a potentially damaging incident happens, but no person or thing is actually harmed. Nothing detrimental may come from these incidents, but if properly observed with Near Miss Reporting, they reveal weaknesses that need to be addressed by the company or the Bay Area security guards protecting the property.

Examples of Near Misses

Security guards are typically aware of minor breaches, but deal with them quickly and disregard them as harmless isolated incidents. Examples include:

  •  A frequently used door that requires code or card access for every entry, but is propped open for ease of access. This completely undermines the security measure and could lead to a major breach in the future.
  • A receptionist allows an individual to enter a secure area without checking their clearance. Maybe the person didn’t know any better and was just visiting a family member, but even someone they recognize could be a recently fired employee or intruder.

Why Near Miss Reporting is Important

These incidents are described as “near misses” in the manufacturing, transportation, aviation, and healthcare industries. When an employee is nearly injured or endangered, but makes it out just fine, the practice of Near Miss Reporting can prevent a similar, but worse, accident in the future. Near Miss Reporting helps keep businesses proactive about their overall safety so they don’t have to react to a similar situation with real consequences later. In security, near miss reporting helps officers be engaged and effective units, and promoting awareness and prevention of minor incidents makes a team more prepared to stop a real one.

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