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What Type of Person Makes a Good Security Guard?

There are certain traits that tend to be inherent in excellent security guards. Hayward security companies look for these qualities because they believe the best guards in the field share them. For those who want to become security guards or those looking to hire one, these characteristics should be on your checklist.

Someone Who Is Honest

Security guards often have access into buildings, sometimes at night andalone. These establishments will want to know they have a security guard they can trust under these conditions. Security guards will also be expected to honestly and accurately recall events that occurred during their shift.

Someone Who Is Physically Fit

In times of a security breach, atrained security guard has to be physically capable of handling the situation until police arrive. This will also help if the security guard needs to defend him or herself, protect others, or chase and detain a perpetrator.

Someone with Good Reasoning Skills and Rationality

Security guards will have to rely on their best judgment in the situations that arise. Being able to rationally assess the situation and not being prone to rash actions can be a great asset for both armed and unarmed guards in Hayward. Being calm and in control of emotions is necessary.

Someone Who Pays Attention to Detail

A security guard is expected to be alert and aware at all times.This quality can help guards oversee and protect the premises and people under their supervision and also help them provide important details in written reports or directly to law enforcement if needed. Being able to stay focused and not getting easily distracted can aid security guards greatly in their job performance.

Someone with Strong Communication Skills

Knowing how to speak to others can help security guards handle people and the situations they may find themselves in. They will be able to communicate instructions more effectively, and it will also help when speaking with the client and understanding their expectations.

If you are looking for security guards with these characteristics to protect your residential or commercial property, contact ADS Guards today at 1-800-794-1550. We have been a leading provider of expertly-trained security guards in the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call us today for a free quote on our security services.