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5 Security Measures to Take Before and After You Lose Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become essential to the everyday life of many people, and we store a great deal of personal information on these little computers we keep in our pockets. While it’s wonderful to have so much important information at your fingertips, it can be a real security risk if your device is lost. Hayward security companies suggest a few security measures to remember in the event your phone becomes lost.

1. Create a Lock Code

As soon as you first get a new smartphone, you should always create some form of lock code to keep your information safe from thieves and opportunists. If you use a number code, pick a number someone couldn’t find through a little searching. If you pick a lock pattern, make it complex enough to not be obvious.

2. Clean Your Screen Regularly

Use some phone-safe solution to clean your screen every few days. The oils from your fingers can leave smudges and streaks. Thought this may seem harmless, in some cases this can give away the lock pattern you’ve so carefully selected, allowing access to all of your stored information.

3. Install a Phone Tracking App or Setting

Most smartphones have the option to either install an app or change a setting that can allow you track your phone’s position from a computer. Check your operating system for which method is the best for tracking your phone if it becomes lost.

4. Wipe the Phone Remotely

In most major app stores, there are ways to remotely remove apps from your phone or wipe the phone in the event of loss. From a computer, login to the app store that services your device and uninstall any apps that may have sensitive information. You can also choose to wipe your device completely.

5. Contact Your Wireless Provider

Let your wireless provider know as soon as you can that the device is lost. They will have serial number information on it, and in some cases they may be able to help with disabling or tracking.

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