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What Types of Professions Might Require a Personal Bodyguard?

When watching coverage of people in the spotlight, it’s likely you’ve noticed one or more intimidating figures hovering around their personal space. If you assumed these were personal bodyguards, you likely guessed correctly. There are many professions that might require personal bodyguards in the Bay Area and other parts of the country, and here are just a few examples.

Government Officials

Current and former politicians frequently require professional security services to prevent attacks and assassinations. This includes presidents, vice presidents, congresspeople, governors, ambassadors, and those in other high political positions. Judges from the local level to the Supreme Court often need protection from disgruntled citizens who do not agree with their views or decisions.


Adults and children starring in movies and television are always in the limelight. Many of these actors and their families are at risk of obsessed fans becoming kidnappers, trespassers, and fortune seekers. Reporters who get too close for pictures and questioning during private events also need to be kept at bay.


People who put on musical stage productions or concerts sometimes need protection from overzealous fans, stalkers, and kidnappers. Fans may want to approach these singers, wanting to showcase a song they wrote just for them, and some fans also try to get on stage during a performance in an attempt to touch their idol or take personal souvenirs with them.


Many adults voice strong opinions about politics, the environment, unfair labor practices, and human or animal rights. Their views often hit the nerves of others who strongly feel the opposite. In some cases, personal bodyguards may be needed to prevent temporary or permanent physical harm to these activists.


People who write controversial or tell-all books risk retaliation from their subjects. Even if these authors are penning the truth, others may still feel violated and seek revenge. For this reason, highly trained bodyguards are often close by at book signing events.

Even everyday people who aren’t in the public eye with high-profile professions sometimes need personal bodyguards. People going through messy divorces may need protection from an angry ex-spouse, and sometimes children caught in the middle of a heated custody battle need a bodyguard to prevent being kidnapped by a parent or another adult. In certain instances, employers may need protection from disgruntled employees who have issues with their current or former boss.

ADS Guards provides personal bodyguard services for our VIP clients who need extra protection. Our guards can be fully uniformed or more discreetly dressed so as to attract less attention. To learn more about our security services, call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.