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When Businesses Should Choose Armed Security Guards

If you’ve made the decision to hire a Bay Area security guard to protect your business, your first major decision is choosing between an armed or unarmed guard. While there are advantages to each choice, there are several situations in which armed security might be the better option for your business.

1. You want to transport assets

If your business involves even the occasional transportation of significant or valuable assets, armed security will help protect your business investment and serve as a deterrent. Armed security is often used to protect large sums of money on the way to the bank, artwork, jewelry, important documents, and important people.

2. There has been crime in the area

Have nearby businesses been the victims of vandalism, burglary or other crimes? Has your business been targeted before? If so, it may be time to consider armed security guards to prevent future losses. In areas of higher-than-normal criminal activity, a more advanced level of defense is necessary.

3. You are planning an event

If your business hosts regular events, such as a sporting events, festivals, concerts or large parties, it’s important to have enough security to protect the crowd from theft and violence. You may choose a combination of unarmed and armed Bay Area security guards to serve as crowd management, parking security, access authorization, bag checking and evacuation planning.

4. You are in the industrial sector

Industrial clients in particular understand just how damaging theft, sabotage, contamination and vandalism can be. Armed guards are important to protect manufacturing facilities from trespassing, counterfeiting and contamination, while construction site security can guard against theft or vandalism that may cause hundreds of thousands in damage.

5. You want better protection for your employees and customers

While all uniformed guards can serve as a deterrent, the presence of a weapon can amplify this effect and it may be all that is necessary to convince a criminal that your business is not a weak target. Many employees and customers will feel safer knowing you have an effective security plan in place.

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