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Why Do Hospitals Need Security Guards?

Security guards are an essential aspect of a safe and successful hospital. By protecting patients and other staff, maintaining a peaceful environment, and utilizing their training to resolve contentious situations, they provide an important service.

Management Psychiatric Patient Violence

Psychiatric patients are sometimes known to pose challenges for hospital staff. For instance, if a patient is schizophrenic or experiencing a violent manic episode, he or she might lash out against family members or hospital staff. The possibility of legitimate violence is real, and trained security guards in Hayward have the experience and understanding to de-escalate such situations. Objects may be thrown, fists may fly, and verbal abuse can be rampant. The expertise of security guards in such situations is crucial. 

In Cases of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are often linked to hospitals. A hostile abuser may come to the hospital and try to intimidate the spouse or partner he or she has hurt. In addition, security may also be needed for cases of child abuse. If the abusive parent becomes privy to the hospital staff’s awareness, he or she may attack the child out of frustration or attempt to take the child and run away as fast as possible. In such criminal situations, having unarmed or armed security guards available can make the perpetrator think twice about infringing upon the rights of others. 

Prevention of Workplace Violence

Conflicts like the two above examples sometimes directly affect hospital employees, and are common scenarios that may necessitate the intervention of a security guard. The broad definition of workplace violence is “any physical assault or acts of aggressive behavior occurring where a public employee performs any work-related duty in the course of his or her employment.”

To Help Other Law Enforcement

Hospital security often works in close conjunction with larger law enforcement institutions. In instances of drug overdoses, physical assaults, car accidents, and other hostile situations, it’s helpful to have experienced hospital security guards on hand. They can assess situations and make recommendations for additional officers to be called in if necessary.

Hospitals and other commercial spaces can be made safer by having highly-trained security guards on hand. For trusted professional guard services in the Bay Area, give ADS Guards a call at 1-800-794-1550. We hope to hear from you soon.