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Military Veterans: Do They Make Ideal Security Guards?

Military veterans have the leadership qualities, training, and commitment Hayward security companies and clients expect when hiring professional security guards. The same skills used for protecting our country can be applied to ensure the safety of residential and commercial properties and the people within them. Following are a few reasons why retired military personnel are often perfect for security positions.

Clean Backgrounds

To join any branch of the military, people must undergo extensive background checks. Veterans therefore have the highest likelihood of having clean records and an immediate ability to get to work as a security guard when compared to other demographics. Although security companies perform their own rigorous background checks, these additional clearances can provide added peace of mind.

Adaptable to Many Situations

Military personnel are trained to do their duties irrespective of challenging circumstances or changes in environment. This training inevitably produces highly flexible, adaptable individuals who can stay on target no matter what gets pitched their way. These qualities are ideal in instances where security guards are needed for crowd control and in locations with a steady flow of traffic.

Trained to Be Leaders

Experience in the service is designed to create expert leadership skills. When veterans provide professional guard services in Hayward, they can project confidence while offering the guidance the general public seeks. Vets are also highly adept at using their problem-solving skills in high-pressure situations, such as when new and unexpected developments require them to think fast.

Punctual and Dependable

The military is known for creating punctual and detail-oriented people. To provide optimal protection, a security guard needs to show up on time and approach his or her duties with the utmost focus. People who have served time in the military often prove to be both dedicated and dependable, and they are also more likely to proactively search for ways to enhance their performance or the overall safety of their stations.

At ADS Guards, we provide extensive training for all our employees, whether or not they have served time in the military. This ensures the guards you hire are equipped to get the job done. We are a leading provider of residential and commercial security in Hayward, and we also offer security services for special events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.