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4 Benefits of Hiring Corporate Security For Your Business

Today many businesses use corporate security guards in the Bay Area for retail, office, and commercial spaces. If you are concerned about keeping your business safe for employees and clientele alike, hiring security guards may be the right choice. Check out the following top reasons companies in the Bay Area hire security guards to keep their business secure.

1. Promotes Customer Comfort

Especially in high crime areas, many customers find the visible presence of uniformed security guards reassuring. Guards may also assist customers by directing them to facilities and checkout areas, and by helping to monitor parking areas.

2. Deters Employee Offenses

Security guards can sometimes deter crime by virtue of their presence. Guards help retailers and offices reduce dishonest behavior by keeping their eyes on suspicious employees. They may also monitor inventory areas and serve as a liaison with police during investigations of white-collar crime.

3. Stops Shoplifters

In retail stores, security personnel may dissuade and/or apprehend shoplifters. Knowing that there would be repercussions for forbidden conduct is often enough to intimidate law-breakers. As with deterring employee crime, the presence of a uniformed guard can deter shoplifters. Plainclothes guards, on the other hand, can watch for and apprehend shoplifters without alerting the potential criminals of his presence.

4. Ensures Emergency Assistance

Finally, private security guards assist many companies by offering a focal point for internal emergency responses to natural disasters or accidents. Usually, guards possess training in CPR and other accident response measures. Should someone require immediate medical assistance, they are often in a good position to contact emergency services and to help victims.

If your business is considering hiring Bay Area security guards, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of private security, at 1-800-794-1550 for a free estimate. We look forward to helping you protect your business!