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Top Reasons for Mall Security Guards

Over the course of a day, shopping malls attract thousands of customers. This can mean large crowds, increased chance of theft, and potential customer conflict. Here are the top five reasons all shopping malls should have security guards on staff, brought to you by the Bay Area security guard experts, ADS Guards.

1. Crime deterrent

Research shows the presence of a security guard deters crime. With a security guard on duty, people will think twice before committing an illegal act. This helps create a safe environment and makes customers feel more comfortable when shopping.

2. Assist shoppers

Some shoppers may simply need a helping hand. Whether they are seeking directions or store hours, the security guard will be able to provide the necessary assistance. Security guards can also provide shoppers with an escort to the car if they leave the store late or with an expensive purchase.

3. Emergency response

In the event that a visitor gets injured, someone needs to be able to provide immediate first aid. Luckily, security guards are trained to handle emergency situations. Whether it’s performing CPR or keeping people calm in a hostage situation, having a security guard trained in emergency response is an invaluable asset to any retail space.

4. Crowd control

Shopping malls can get extremely crowded, especially during the holidays. Trained security guards know how to control large groups of people and can force certain visitors to leave the premises if necessary. Or, if a child gets lost the security guard can keep him or her safe until the parents are located.

5. Handle hostile situations

Unfortunately, a hostile situation may arise at some point. For example, a group of people may be involved in a heated dispute. The security guard will be able to calm the situation and is trained in Power of Arrest should it come to that.

If you’re interested in security guard services, look to ADS Guards. We are the Bay Area’s most trusted provider of security service and have been in business for over 20 years. To learn more about our available services, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-794-1550.