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5 Reasons Every Movie Theater Should Have a Security Guard

Movie theaters consist of a blend of many types of people, both those who work there and those watching the films. To ensure the area is well covered and cared for, theater management might want to hire a security guard in Hayward to oversee the inside and outside of the building. Here are 5 major reasons why.

1. Make Patrons Feel More Secure

This is the number one reason for hiring professional guard services in Hayward. It is important for customers to always feel comfortable, safe, and accommodated when they watch a film or attend an event. Just seeing a security guard on the premises upon arrival can make them feel more secure while they are enjoying themselves. 

2. Keep Employees Safe

Employees are important to a theater’s success. Simple steps like walking staff to their cars late at night can make them feel important and appreciated. Stepping in to assist with dissatisfied or angry customers gives them the support and backup they sometimes require.

3. Prevent Property Damage

Graffiti, car break-ins, and other types of vandalism should be almost nonexistent if the area is thoroughly patrolled at all times. If there is a gaming area in the theater, the machines will be well patrolled and protected from abuse and damage if a professional armed or unarmed guard is onsite. 

4. Increase the Theater’s Reputation

Parents are more apt to drop off their teens at a theater they know is guarded and well protected. Moviegoers will be more relaxed and engaged. This rise in the movie theater’s reputation may cause business to increase and possibly become the main source of film entertainment in the area. 

5. Provide Extra Customer Service

Employees at the ticket counters and food service areas can get very busy at times. Just having an extra individual who is capable of pointing out restrooms, specific viewing rooms, and exits can be a great asset to a movie theater. A guard with an outgoing personality and a willingness to assist will likely become a popular figure during peak times. 

If you manage a movie theater and have been thinking about hiring professional security for these or other reasons, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of professional security guards. We have been doing business in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.